Supervision for practising coaches .... 

                Reflection, Insight and Support

"Gwynneth challenges me to examine my responses to clients, shining a light in any corners I may have overlooked - our sessions are an opportunity for all round professional development"


Supervision is best regarded as 'time out' to review and reflect on your practice as a coach, supported by someone who holds you and your clients safely in this process. Working collaboratively a supervisor will help you

  • explore your coaching relationship with your clients
  • develop ways of improving your practice
  • understand more clearly the impact you have in your work, and how different clients may impact on how you manage your coaching work 
  • ensure you have the resources to deal with the issues which your clients bring. 



With today's growing focus on quality standards, accreditation and ethics within the coaching profession, the call for coach supervision has never been greater.



 Is it for me?                                                   

Coaches come to supervision for many reasons. Taking time to reflect on your practice and deepen your understanding will contribute to your continuing professional development, grow your expertise and enhance the service you provide your clients.

A qualified Coach Supervisor having trained with expert leaders in this field, the Coaching Supervision Academy, Gwynneth works with coaches who care about their clients' growth and wellbeing, as well as their own professional standards and ethics. 

Who can benefit from supervision?

  • Are you new to coaching and just stepping in to your practice?
  • Are you a more deeply experienced coach who wants to continue to develop?
  • Do you sometimes feel as if your coaching has become stale?
  • Are there times when you have tried everything you can think of but the client still seems to be stuck?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself hooked by a client's issues or emotions?

These are just a few examples of where receiving regular supervision can benefit you in growing your practice.

How does it work?

To help you realise best practice and continuing professional development supervision can be run on either

  • an individual 1:1 basis, with frequency dependent on the volume and nature of your coaching practice
  • or on a group basis, either by joining one of Gwynneth's supervision groups if you are a coach working independently, or as one of a group of internal coaches within an organisation.


 Interested in finding out more?

For a free consultation email me using the contact form or give me a call.  I'll be delighted to give you time to explore what will work best for you.

What coaches say about working in supervision with Gwynneth 

"I have found Gwynneth's supervisory support invaluable.  She is both supportive and challenging, giving me a fresh perspective on my coaching approach.  I see supervision as a key part of my continued growth as a coach and have been delighted to have Gwynneth's insight and perception on my side!"  

"Gwynne has a real gift of creativity - which is not only fun to work with but is hugely beneficial for finding new ways for myself and my clients to go forward"