Coaching....  for change, for successful and fulfilling work

Balancing your life - realising your potential - having the life you want now 


"Gwynneth built a trusting relationship where experiences could be openly and honestly explored"

"Gwynneth's truly stretching and challenging coaching has left me motivated and empowered to make a difference".

 Coaching is a unique relationship designed between you and your coach to help you take stock of where you are and where you want to be in your life. People usually come to coaching when they want to make changes in their life and / or their work. The agenda is yours.  It is entirely up to you which areas of your life you choose to explore with help from your coach. 

Distinct from counselling, therapy or advice-giving, coaching is a present and future-focused partnership, in which you are considered naturally creative, resourceful, and wholly able to find solutions to overcome the challenges you are facing.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Working with a coach enables you to do more than you would on your own.

Coaching can help anyone wanting to

  • Find greater satisfaction at work
  • Change or boost their career
  • Achieve better results
  • Develop personal leadership
  • Have a more fulfilling life
  • Shift their thinking
  • Take a new direction
  • Better balance their work within the rest of their life

How does coaching work?                                                  

Gwynneth's approach is to work with clients in whatever way is appropriate for their needs. Sessions are designed between her and her client to suit their needs. Following an initial face to face meeting typically lasting for up to two hours, short, focused coaching sessions can take place by phone several times a month - a great way of making use of valuable time by avoiding the need to travel or face to face every 4-6 weeks, depending on the client's needs and preferences.   

Frequent and regular coaching for a minimum of three months onwards means your action plans build momentum and stay firmly focused at the forefront of your mind.  Together you can design an arrangement which suits you best. 

Gwynneth works with 'in-company' clients, as well as those who come to her privately.   

What clients say about working with Gwynneth as their coach

"I now have an enhanced insight into my role and skills as a leader and greater insight into how I can influence my future development"

"Overall the personal development for me was very good….more valuable than attending 10 training courses"

"There has been a shift in my energy levels and greater awareness of a need to balance these…. I've also learnt to value my intuition and trust my judgement"

"Coaching helped me pinpoint specific areas that need development… heightened my awareness of how others act, how I should act, and how I am perceived" 

"Your coaching style allows the best to come out in me, while at the same time you have been challenging which I also needed "

Would you like a free consultation? 

Find out what coaching feels like and how it could work for you in a free 30 minute session: email Gwynneth using the contact form or call for a chat on 07802 282226